What is a switch? If you have a cable that runs somewhere in your home and office, and you want to split that cable to serve multiple computers, printers, or other network devices, you need a switch. This saves you the hassle of running additional cables. HOWEVER, be aware that switches do slightly degrade the performance of your network, so they should only be used when necessary. Businesses larger than 15 devices may have additional switch needs such as managed switching and VLANs. Ensure you get a Gigabit switch for today's modern applications. These are 8 port, 16 port, and 24 port options.


Best WiFi Router: Years ago, Charter and AT&T would only provide a modem. If you wanted more than one device on your network, you needed a router. Now, they frequently include "modem/router combo" units, but these are unimpressive in range and stability. You can still connect your own router to Charter or AT&T, and this is the one that I recommend. I've installed about 30 in the last year, and have had very few issues. They can also be configured as straight Access Points, which is wonderful for adding range to your network.

Other high quality Asus Routers, including Gigabit and AC Routers